Lovers and Leaders

by Sacha Sacket

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released July 17, 2007

All Songs Written and Performed by Sacha Sacket
Piano, Vocals, and Sonic Assortments by Sacha Sacket

Produced by Sacha Sacket and Mike Baiardi except Tracks 2 and 4 Originally Produced by V. Bertelli
Mixing and Mastering by Mike Baiardi at Soundfile Productions

Originally Programmed by V. Bertelli
Additional Drum Programming on Tracks 1, 3, 6 by Mike Baiardi
Guitars on Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 by Mike Baiardi
Additional Guitars on Tracks 2, 5, 6, 9 by Paolo Laganga
Guitars on Track 3 by V. Bertelli
Bass by V. Bertelli
Except Tracks 1, 7, 11 by Mike Baiardi
Bass on Track 8 by Mike Baiardi and V. Bertelli
Assistant Drum Programming by Jon Hastings
Additional Live Percussion and Cymbals on Track 6 by Jon Hastings
Strings Composed, Arranged, and Otherwise Manufactured by Marcus Trumpp
Except Track 1 by V. Bertelli
Editing and Production Assisting by Appu Krishnan
Some Orchestration Samplings included in this recording are from the Vienna Symphonic Library

Album Artwork, Graphic Design, and Website by
Photography by Erin Russell
Manufactured by Cdman

Thank Yous
Mom and Dad: for your persistent faith, love, and incredible support, Ry: who is strong when I am not, who believes when no one can, who walks alongside the entire process beginning to end - without you this album would simply not exist, Sorenna Sacket and Jason Hill: who keep me focused and grounded, V and Grace: wish you both great success in all you pursue, Mike Baiardi: whose consistency, talent, and steadfastness get me through these crazy ventures - thank you thank you thank you, Marcus Trumpp(!): an amazing artist and wonderful human being - thank you for all you are and all you give to these projects, Ilse, Rixti: your genius, patience, and perseverance were a true gift to me - thank you for fighting the good fight, Erin Russell: for your lovely eyes, Jon Hastings, Appu Krishnan, Paolo Laganga: for giving your all, Stephen Schulman, Dan Kimpel, Andy Zumberge: for all your hard work and friendship, Melissa Talwar: all your efforts to help me and my career are not forgotten, Hatnim Lee, Josh Williams, Anthony Kurtz, Mehdi Hassin, Matt Boudreau, Angela Greene: my marketing guru, Nick Curran, Jason Klein, my wonderful family, friends, and all those listening who have supported me and my music over the years - this album is all for you.

© 2007. Golden Sphinx Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.



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Sacha Sacket Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Hail
So the rain turned to hail
and God was great
All the trees stood up so still
and I was late
A wicked wind started to sing
and caught your face
Saw your breath and felt the sting,
froze my faith

Hail, you screwed me up. Drew blood
Hail, you broke my heart. Drew love
Hail! All Hail

I had plans to hit the road
a rolling stone
To never need a single soul,
reign all alone
But here you come to take me down,
knock me out
Feel heaven fall and turn around
but shout

Spin me round and around till I fall
Track Name: Judy (for shame)
Judy’s full of hesitation,
she can’t give herself away
but still dries every single rose

She tries to fight the early morning
but her mind keeps her awake
with all the things she doesn’t know

I think she’s quite aware
no one ever fell for her,
they can’t tell her from Eve

And though she’ll cut her hair
to show herself she doesn’t care,
it don’t change that much to me

After all you’ve done,
will it ever be enough?
Are you only good for nothing?
After all you’ve said
can I still watch you pretend
that you’re less that everybody?
For shame? For shame

Judy wears out used prom dresses,
can’t stand how the best things get
just use once and then dispose

She knows it gets a bit obsessive,
all the dolls upon her bed
are always lined in perfect rows

She only falls asleep
if its Morrissey or me,
her life is very long

And though we understand
about as much as a man can,
no one seems to know what’s wrong

I know it’s never that easy,
it grows with time
I know you fight it with everything,
I know, I know

After all you’ve done
will it ever be enough?
Are you only good for nothing?
After all you’ve said
can I still watch you pretend
that don’t need anybody?
Track Name: Stay
Stay where you are
Take no prisoners
Your home is here
Stay here

We know you could run
if you try
Drag the sun through the sky
Bid kingdom come
and fly on high
Forever leave us behind

Why must you see
the world at your feet?
Is our love so small
for you to risk it all?

And there on your throne,
you’ll rule alone
Please try to grow up
Stay here with us
Track Name: Halo
Your halo
is on my mind
Wearing through
thoughts I fight
Like are you real?
Am I right
for you?

Your halo
is all I find.
Wonder why
you shine so bright
when I’ve been real,
I’ve been right
to you

‘Cause I know you’ve never been seen,
though you could say no one’s looking
Follow the length of your dream,
wake up to find you’ve got nothing
Borrow the rat race routine,
try to squeak by, end up screaming
‘Cause although you never believe,
I know you’ll still try to do the right thing

Your halo
was never light,
uses hope
like a knife
when I find
nothing right
with me

For there are dreams
I won’t see
but that don’t mean
there can’t be
greater things
dreamt for me

And you know I’ve never been seen
though you could say we’re all looking
Follow the length of my dream,
wake up to find a different meaning
Borrow the rat race routine,
try to sneak by, still get nothing
‘Cause although I have to believe,
watch me struggle to do the right thing
Track Name: Brandon Boyd
We are the cool kids
We wear the cool clothes
We kick your face in
if you mess with us
We don’t answer why
‘cause everybody knows
we are the cool kids

We are the cool kids
We don’t have to try
We keep the fat chicks
and the fags in line
We just say their names
and we watch them die

And if you think you can hate all of us,
we don’t think you will stray very far
Don’t you know you love us more than we do?

We are the cool kids
We can smell a lie
You think we like it
when we look alike
But we know you by
the whites of your eyes

And if you think you can hate all of us,
we don’t think you will stray very far
Don’t you know you need us more than we need you?

And I’ll smoke what you smoke
and I’ll choke if you choke
and we’ll joke but we hope
we fry away

And if you think you’ll erase all of this,
we don’t think you will make yourself
Can’t you see no one can be Brandon Boyd?
Track Name: Maybe You Can Save Me (from you)
Sometimes I lie awake
dreaming of you, forming your taste
The moonlight swears you love me
but the sunrise takes it away

Could you whisper my name?
Under your breath could it sound the same?
‘Cause I’ve been stuck in replay,
this light by my bed’s been burning for days

Maybe you can save me (from you)

I know I play the fool,
the way that I look must embarrass you.
I can’t keep the stars from the sky,
the way that my truth’s in love with the lie

Should I try and forget
how wisps of your hair get stuck in your mouth?
How could I when I’ve had your stare,
this trail of regret leading nowhere?

Maybe you can save me (from you)
Tell me you could love me too
Track Name: How Low?
She was on a western course,
her final tour de force,
there was writing on the wall
and there was time
Freezing cold and squeaky clean,
clutch her star magazine,
she swore there was nothing left
to leave behind

But all those days and wasted nights
are flying back to her tonight
with a vengeance even she’ll appreciate
And on the window by her side
where the world is screaming by,
she can watch her made up face melt away

How low we gonna watch you go
till you know the truth
was never under your control?
How low we get to watch you go?

Such an easy fall
when there was love and that was all,
days of legs and sheets and fog
and come what mays
But there were words to say,
she could watch herself complain
till the kiss goodnights
were ruining her face

But there was never right or wrong,
there were no lessons to learn,
there was just the life she didn’t live today
And now there’s nothing left to lose,
just some love she’ll never use
and a last goodbye she’ll never get to say
Track Name: Jove
In days of yore when I was always right
and there was time to count the stars crashing down at night
I would hold you just like you were mine
and watch you slowly slip away with the morning light

You were golden, you were on the rise,
burning with an urgency I could not deny
Said the world was yours and you were mine,
flew to meet your glory and let me fall behind

Don’t you know I see it in your eyes?
You can’t let me gravity show
and pull you down tonight
I know I’m getting through,
know that it’s killing you

And as the days grew long, I knew the sign
You could hang forever on nothing but the night
Form an orbit I cannot decline,
sure of my disaster but never more alive

Don’t you know I see it in your eyes?
You can’t let my gravity grow
and pull you down to size
I know I’m getting through,
know it’s killing you,
know that you’re coming true
Track Name: What You Are
You can’t love yourself
in a cheap motel,
it gets hard to tell
what you are, you are

With the lights down low
you’re just flesh and bone,
no one wants to know
what you are, you are

So tell the most beautiful lies

And go do it nice and slow
you don’t want to blow anything
You know we all love the show,
do it like you don’t feel a thing
Feel nothing

And as you connect
like some strange insect,
you know they’re not wet
but you are, you are

Leave the TV on
Watch the same re-run
They swear nothing’s wrong
but you are, you are

You’re acting like you were born yesterday,
you’re kissing like you’re coming true
You’re hearing everything they never say,
you’re talking like their getting through
You’re sure that soon there will be hell to pay
but don’t you let that spoil the mood
You know that there are more than shades of gray,
you grab on till they’re black and blue
Track Name: Hallowed (Show Me How)
And after the fall
there was nothing at all
but you to save me
And after the rain
drove my sadness away,
you could break me
And after the light
left me nothing to fight,
you could make me
And now here I stand
in the palm of your hand
so make me real

Cause I can’t breathe
and I don’t sleep for days
and I can’t walk away
when you don’t want to stay
Now I see
I have to understand
I’m not trying to be a man,
I’m dying to be your son
and holding on for you
to show me how

How can I rise
when I look in your eyes
and you don’t see me?
How can I see
where the line’s supposed to be
if you can’t show me?
How can I think
I deserve better things
if you can’t tell me?
‘Cause here I stand
in the palm of your hand
with nothing real
Track Name: Time to Go
I guess we know it’s time to go
Feels like everything I say is getting old
and it’s screaming through my veins,
sinking through my bones,
you gotta know
when to close the show,
it’s time to go

You’re so scared I’ll leave you cold
Worry every single day you’ll die alone
Well I love you you more than life,
it’s just deep down in my soul,
I can’t outgrow
that holy road,
it’s time to go

oh keep sighing
and oh keep crying
and oh keep dying,
till we meet again.

Maybe this is Peggy’s fault
waiting for her ship to come
on L.A.’s clock
And she’ll wait until she dies
with one pound left to drop,
but we know
it never shows,
it’s time to go

oh keep sighing
and oh keep crying
and oh keep dying,
we will meet again